Skiing/France/Alps/La Grave/February 15, 2008 - Ski Day 5


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5/19/2010 10:04:14 PM
Caption  :  Linda and Kira outside of Hotel Edelweiss. In addition to great atmosphere and excellent food, there was a Black Diamond demo center in their ground floor ski shop.
5/19/2010 10:07:05 PM
Caption  :  Kira on the 'practice' couloir, getting ready to try the couloirs above Lac du Puyvachier
5/19/2010 10:09:12 PM
Caption  :  Terran back in Banane Couloir
5/19/2010 10:11:44 PM
Caption  :  Terran in Banane Couloir
5/19/2010 10:15:12 PM
Caption  :  Terran in Banane Couloir
5/19/2010 10:19:00 PM
Caption  :  Kira on her first descent of Banane Couloir above Lac du Puyvachier.
5/19/2010 10:21:09 PM
Caption  :  Terran chilling on the deck of les Rullians (3200 meters) at the end point of the second Gondola.
5/19/2010 10:25:23 PM
Caption  :  Mike, Kira, and Linda on the deck of Les Rullians.
5/19/2010 10:28:37 PM
Caption  :  Kira on her first descent of Couloir du Lac. Terran watching and waiting his turn from the top of the couloir.
5/19/2010 10:31:57 PM
Caption  :  Kira descending Couloir du Lac
5/19/2010 10:35:54 PM
Caption  :  Kira exiting Couloir du Lac
5/19/2010 10:38:37 PM
Caption  :  Terran in Couloir du Lac
5/19/2010 10:40:46 PM
Caption  :  Terran descending Coulior du Lac.
5/19/2010 10:44:26 PM
Caption  :  Terran nearing the end of couloir du Lac with Kira waiting at the bottom. Though it hadn't snowed in awhile, the snow was good i the couloirs. In the upper half of the couloir it was kinda like carving styrofoam and in bottom the shaved snow accumulated and gave a very soft powder skiing like experience.
5/19/2010 10:51:17 PM
Caption  :  On the lower runs of La Grave, looking back at La Meije.
5/19/2010 10:53:53 PM
Caption  :  Linda and Kira in the gondola descending back to town - the lower mountain was icy and crappy skiing. The village of La Grave can be seen in the background.
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