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    Mountain Biking Around Pocatello, Idaho, May 2009

    This gallery has images from 2 different mountain bike trails around Pocatello, ID.  The Slate Mountain trail is a short distance outside of Pocatello.  The Outlaw/Black Cairn ride is on Pocatello's west bench and is easily accessible from town.  Both rides are 15 -17 miles in length and offer excellent single track for nearly their entire lengths.  Pocatello's west bench has an amazing trail system with more than 50 miles of mostly single track.  The region around Pocatello, including Mink Creek and Inman Pass, has many more miles of high quality moutain bike trails.

    Slickrock Mountain Biking near Moab, Utah, May 2009

    May 20 - 24, Mike Engle and Vernon Phinney took a 5 day vacation in Moab, Utah to hike, climb, and mountain bike. On the first day they biked the famous Slickrock Trail. Slickrock, near Moab, is a popular mountain bike trail with world wide fame. The 10.5 mile trail covers a landscape of petrified sand dunes and ancient sea beds. The friction is world famous and the riding is characteized by anaerobic short bursts up steep climbs and fast, thrilling descents.